`Sing a New Song' Susan Hick (photo: A Cave)

`Sing a New Song' Susan Hick (photo: A Cave)

Irene Butcher
The Magnificent 7


Ana Palma

'Human · Nature'


Mel Lloyd


Carol Rhodes

Then & Now


Café Art

My London


Deb Hoy



Angela Mcgahan

Palazzo Dario


Tiago Mattis

A Retrospective


Ines Gutierrez



Hannah Grace Deller

India – A Contradiction


Ida Ivanka Kubler

'The birth of an idea'


Anna Walsh

ABCDogs & 'Strigiformes'


Ida Ivanka Kubler

'The birth of an idea'


Caroline Nina Phillips

Between What Is Seen And What

Is Unseen


Anna Salmane



Anna Walsh

Dogs of London


Susan Hicks

Not Getting Any Younger


Charlie Godet Thomas

Backward Looking / Forward Thinking


Venetia Norris

Lines of beauty


Hannah Havana

Fantasy Island: Part 1


Owen Roseblade

London Safari


Zoë Barker & Jonathan Cherry

The Penny Arcade


Chantal Powell

Traces and Testament


Chris Ratcliffe

The All London Blue Bag Extravaganza


Victoria Burgher

again again again


Sophie Molins

The impossibility of escapism


Chris Thackery

Glimpses of God


Anna Walsh

A Unicorn Compendium


Close Encounters of a Frillip

Moolog Kind








Steve Thorpe

Spirit Stones


Susan Hicks

Talking Back


Marco Zaffino



David Harker



Anna Walsh

The Night Watch


Life and Liberty


Garudio Studiage

Acrylic Kitten goes West


Shoot Portobello


Colleen Walker

Anxiety, Status (Untitled)


Roberto Huarcaya



Kate and Tamsin Thackery

Why did the Chicken cross the Road?


Shoot Portobello


Touching the City



David Chalkley

Moments of Kindness


Louise Maher



Susan Hicks

Image and Frame


Ali Cave



Gillian Heal



Yunju Hwang




New work from Royal College of Art Metal and Jewellery graduates of 2001


Christina Mary Ann Gestra

My London...... Unconventional Photography


Saga Arpino

Designs for Glass


Julie Cook

Madness Of The Bulls


Karen Johnson

Maternal Gaze


Nicholas Cobb



Anna Walsh

2 x 2 to Alphabet Zoo


Elizabeth Naji

New Work


Dimitris Tsouris

Contemporary Iconography


Susan Hicks



Matthew Herring

New Work


Susanna Flack